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Common Questions

What is the cost of purchasing an Uptown Cheapskate franchise?

According to our 2015 franchise disclosure document (FDD), the total investment range of opening an Uptown Cheapskate is between $262,000.00 and $384,500.00.

How much can I expect to make?

How much you make as an Uptown Cheapskate franchise owner depends on a variety of factors, from geographic location to accessible inventory. Our top quartile owners boasted average sales of $911,029 and a net income of $143,445. That includes 25% of Uptown Cheapskate stores, excluding our top earning store, which brought in $1,436,535 in sales and $326,525 in net income. These numbers are from the 2016 FDD item 19. As you can see, our franchises boast exciting earning potential.

Visit our investment information page to learn more.

Is this a business I can operate part time?

For the first six months, you or a vested partner will need to work at the business full time. While you will be able to hire a manager to run daily operations after this point, our most success franchise owners do remain active in their participation and oversight of their businesses.

Will I receive the training I need to run my retail store franchise effectively?

Yes. We offer an initial 12 days of training in Salt Lake City, Utah. This pre-training session includes a program and internship to get you oriented in all of the systems we utilize at Uptown Cheapskate. Topics covered will include creating a marketing plan, business planning, establishing inventory, managing your inventory, daily operations, using our technology, merchandising, hiring and training personal, financial management, vendor relations, customer service, and more.

Can I operate more than one Uptown Cheapskate / Kid to Kid location?

Yes! In fact, we encourage our franchise owners to operate multiple locations if they are willing and able. Contact our office to learn more about what it would look like to operate multiple locations.

Which locations are available?

We currently have locations available in all 50 states, including many prime locations. It’s never been a better time to join our franchise team at Uptown Cheapskate! Call us to learn more.

Hear What Our Owners Have to Say

  • There is never a day that is the same for better or for worse. You never know what’s coming in the door product wise. It’s really nice being apart of the community and being a mainstay for Murray. Owning your own store and giving back is really special I think.

  • While we were looking into retail businesses, we came across Uptown Cheapskate and instantly loved the idea of creating relationships with those in our community. There is no better feeling than when you can provide great service and great products to appreciating customers. The fact that Uptown Cheapskate has almost no carbon footprint and helps recycle great items is just another positive to this equation.

  • It’s a daily thing that’s being provided. The ongoing marketing support, for helping us create our entire marketing world that we’re focused on, to anytime there is issues training related, they are a phone call away or an email away. The amount of training they provide for our employees, the bouncing ideas off of people’s heads, it’s been fantastic.

  • The support is fantastic, you can make a phone call, and talk to whoever you want to. They are always receptive to what you are asking, and if they don’t know the answer they will find an answer for you. They listen to you and try to do the best for everybody. I think the technology support is fantastic, because I’m not a technology genius. I love that we have store visits and people come and help us. The whole concept in general is well thought out. There are always things that are going to change and we are going to be in that whirlwind of change, but it’s always been helpful. They look over your numbers and call you, it’s like they know your problems before you ask for help from them. I think the support is phenomenal.

  • You have all these other people that are like minded entrepreneurs, and everyone comes at everything a little differently. They bring into the system just different ideas, different thoughts, processes, from what they did before in their lives. You always have a sounding board no matter what the challenge can be- you have someone else to reach out to. It’s easier being a part of the franchise with other owners where we are able to help each other out.

  • We visited a store and just fell in love with the look of the store. We already knew we liked the concept, and then we just decided to go with Uptown Cheapskate. It’s just owning your own business. I feel like this is a business that we can grow into several locations. We can bring our family members into it, so I see that this is a business that eventually our kids will be able to run and everyone can join in this business.

  • The support that we get from Basecamp has been great. They have been the best support for us because I am not a risk taker, and if I thought I had to do this on my own, I wouldn’t have done it, and knowing there were smarter people than me behind it makes me feel better. We have the coolest store in town, we are the place to be and shop in Bossier City. Our store is the place to be and to be associated with that is awesome.

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