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About Basecamp Franchising

Sustainable & Recession-Proof Business Models

Starting a business is the American dream. At least, that’s what statistics suggest. According to multiple surveys, approximately 50% of Americans either own their own business or dream of owning their own business in the future.

Unfortunately, achieving this dream is not easy. Building a successful business from the ground up can be extremely challenging. There are many aspects to consider, including marketing, branding, daily operations, hiring, training, inventory, bookkeeping, and more.

When you join our franchise family at Basecamp Franchising, you gain access to invaluable support resources. We’ll walk you through every step of resale store franchise ownership and equip you to run a successful clothing business. We are all geared up to help you succeed in developing your own business!

Why Franchise?

There are many reasons to consider achieving your small business dreams through franchising. Whether your goal is to own your own business for the first time or to take the next step with your career, owning a franchise with Basecamp Franchising could be the perfect step.

Why franchising could be the perfect way to achieve your dreams and goals:

  • Encouragement & help We have a whole host of resources designed to help you in this process. You don’t have to fly blind. We’ve been there, and you can benefit from our hard-earned knowledge and experience.
  • Teamwork Knowing you have a team behind you is invaluable. Our development departments offer the skills and advice of experts in operations, technology, marketing, and business. We have the best ratio of franchise development staff members to franchisees in the entire retail industry. That says something about the value we place in our franchise owners and their success.
  • Branding One of the most overwhelming challenges associated with new business ownership is getting a brand up and running and gaining name recognition. Our brands, Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate, already have built-in name recognition and a reputation for quality and customer service—which means half the battle is already won.
  • Proven systems We’ve been doing this for more than two decades. In that time, we’ve established a brand that sells, systems that work, a business model that succeeds, and proprietary technology that saves our franchisees time and money. We’ve done the legwork for you. With Basecamp Franchising, you simply plug into a system that works.
  • Consultants We provide our franchise owners with unlimited telephone access to our team of savvy, energetic, and knowledgeable business consultants.
  • Marketing With access to a host of marketing resources across a broad range of media platforms, you’ll be positioned to succeed from day one.
  • Collaboration From conferences to regional meetings to performance groups, we promote, facilitate, and encourage collaboration between our franchise owners. You’ll work as a team side by side with entrepreneurs who share your values and work ethic, with a common goal of success.
  • Recession Resistant idea Founded in 1992, Basecamp Franchising has seen major shifts in the economy—and withstood them all. Our retail clothing franchise is not only a smart concept, it’s a recession-proof idea that creates a win-win situation for both business owners and customers.

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