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Resale Industry Model

Kid to Kid Capitalizes on Growing Trends & Great Fashion

In today’s economy, Millennial parents need to shop savvy for their children’s fashion and entertainment. Going into a major retail store for clothing or toys is not only expensive, but it is also bland in terms of style and creativity. To get both uniqueness and fair prices, more and more parents are turning to the growing second hand apparel industry, already a $23 billion industry and projected to reach $51 billion by 2023. If you are unfamiliar with resale fashion, it’s a model where a store like Kid to Kid buys gently-used, fashionable clothing items from customers in exchange for cash or store credit. Those items are then merchandised and resold to customers searching for great fashions at a massive discount.

Kid to Kid is a resale franchise company that capitalizes on the resale trend by offering high-quality second-hand children’s clothes and toys, maternity wear, and more to locals at each franchise location. According to recent research, 72% of consumers prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands like Kid to Kid.

The benefits of second-hand apparel and children’s items include an inventory that:

  • Constantly replenishes itself
  • Is always comprised of different looks, brands, etc.
  • Reuses items that otherwise would go to waste
  • Attracts price-conscious shoppers

The Resurgence of Resale in America

Kid to Kid is one of many flagship companies turning shopping experiences in America upside-down. Resale industries are even making a bigger impact than major retailers.

What you should know about the thriving resale industry:

  • The second hand apparel market has grown 21 times faster than retail apparel.

  • 63% of women who shop resale call it “thrilling” due to the ever-updating inventory.

  • Retail searches on Google have declined since 2015 while resale searches have gone up by nearly 60%.

  • Unless 40% or more items in a store are on sale or have a good price, 40% of female shoppers will not enter.

  • About 40% of people who buy second-hand also sell their clothing to resale industries.

With the resale industry clearly on the rise, Kid to Kid is not just sustainable in terms of reusing inventory for the greater good it's also sustainable in the marketplace. Established in 1992, Kid to Kid and its trademark “little pink doors” have the staying power needed to thrive, even among retail giants. As time goes on we are taking a bigger piece of the pie from those same corporations — and so can you!

Becoming a Part of the Resale Industry with Kid to Kid

Do you want to join Kid to Kid as a franchise location owner? We have territories available nationwide. Owners in our franchise family get to step into the expanding market of resale supplies and clothing for mothers and children with the backing of a fun, refreshing inventory system.

Our franchise system has withstood tests of time as well as other market pressures; our recycled inventory helps you boost your local economy and the environment, and our stores enjoy a gross margin of 65-67% on average (based on 2017 data).

We would love to hear from you! Contact us now and see how you can capitalize on the resale industry.

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