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  • I attribute much of my success to the Kid to Kid franchise formula—it works. The other Kid to Kid store owners are a wealth of knowledge as well. It’s so great to know that you are not alone and that you can count on them to tell you their experience.”

  • As a Kid to Kid owner, I have control over my own business. I’m able to work within a system that works, that also allows me to be creative in my own market. I enjoy the fact that I’m helping people out by providing a service for them to recycle their items as well as for finding quality children’s stuff at a low price.

  • I wanted to partner with a company that I felt comfortable with. My background was that I was with a small restaurant company that had 35 units, so when I met and got to know Kid to Kid I knew that it was going to be a good fit because I would know all of the pros and cons of working with a company that was a similar size, so that ultimately is why I chose Kid to Kid.

  • I had gone through 3 corporate buyouts in my previous life, I was looking for a business that would fit for my family. I have enjoyed over the 13 years with Basecamp having the flexibility of spending time with my family when I have to do that. That was the attraction of being a small business owner and I can say that I have not missed very many important moments with my kids. If you are looking for a way to spending more time with your family that aspect fit very well for me.

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