Training and motivating employees are crucial functions to any business owner no matter how big or small the size of the company. When working within a franchise system, the burden of knowing what to expect from employees is eased by the shared experience of other franchisees and support of a franchisor. To get your employees to work smarter, better and faster, you must have clear expectations of performance. I’ve provided three steps on how to manage those expectations as well as how being part of a franchise can help.

1. Establish a baseline of performance

Establishing a baseline can be very difficult if you are starting a business from scratch. In this situation, the only way is to make an educated guess, or use your own performance standards. Using inexact calculations mean that you lose money through efficiency until you figure out what is possible (which may be a long process). When joining a franchise system, you benefit from the experiences of hundreds, or thousands, of employees doing the same tasks. Using this information through communication with the franchisor and with other franchisees, you can quickly establish what a reasonable expectation is for your employees.

2. Clearly communicate expectations

After you have established a baseline of performance, it is crucial to clearly communicate your expectations and follow up with employees consistently. Publicly praise employees who are exceeding the standard, and have closed-door meetings with those that are not meeting your expectations. All employees deserve the opportunity to know how to succeed at their job.

3. Provide tools, training and means to allow them to succeed

Creating training methods, courses, and manuals is a time-consuming and expensive process for an individual business owner. A major benefit of choosing a franchise system is the benefit of training materials. Training materials can be provided quickly to your employees by the franchisor, and you can focus on areas that are more deserving of your limited time. Besides materials, the franchise system can provide up-to-date trainings using innovative techniques being implemented with other franchisees. Centralized franchisee feedback cuts down on the time between a new great idea in one location, and implementing it in your own.