The winners of the 2015 Kid to Kid Store of the Year Award are Todd and Miriam Frick. Pet lovers and parents of four children, the couple owns two Kid to Kid stores in Arvada and Aurora, as well as an Uptown Cheapskate store.

Shauna Sloan, founder of the Kid to Kid franchise says that “Kid to Kid’s Store of the Year is the most prestigious award in our company. Each year, more than 100 stores compete for this title, which encompasses not just a strong financial performance, but commitment to the Kid to Kid mission of being the best of kid’s resale.”

Sloan says that the Fricks’ Avada store is the franchise’s “best example of what a Kid to Kid store should be – an amazing experience for customers, for employees, and for our owners.”

In 2008, the Fricks opened their first Kid to Kid store in Aurora to purchase gently used items such as clothing, toys, and equipment from local families and re-selling them at a discount. The pair have proven their successful entrepreneurial ability to establish exceptional store experiences ever since. Under their leadership, the Aurora Kid to Kid store grew to an annual recycle rate of more than 140,000 children’s items.

Todd says that much of the success that he and his wife have accomplished is a testament to their work ethic, but that Kid to Kid’s parent company, BaseCamp Franchising, gave them a good framework.

“Sticking to the franchise model and working hard is what got us here,” he says. “The franchise has a great model and once we learned what to do, we adapted it to fit our store, systems, and customers. We focused on the big picture: keeping the store full of great product, back stocking inventory for when we needed it, and providing a great customer experience all year long.”

Their success in Aurora led to their expansion, opening a second Kid to Kid in Arvada in 2012. With a larger community to serve in Arvada, this store was bigger and grew faster, garnering waves of positive reviews on online services such as Yelp. Customers rave about the exchange values, the discounted baby equipment, and even the store’s play area that keeps their kids busy and entertained while they shop.

Miriam says that “the atmosphere in our store is full of happiness and positive energy. Our staff love their jobs and pass that excitement on to customers whether intentional or not. I also think that we have an exceptional variety in our selection. People find what they are looking for and what they didn’t know they were looking for.”

Not only do the couple look to continue growing their stores, but they’re also helping their managers open Kid to Kid stores of their own. Todd and Miriam both agree that this doesn’t threaten them, but rather excites them.

“Store ownership has been a wonderful thing for us,” Todd says, “and I’m excited at the prospect of growing Kid to Kid in Colorado and for the opportunity it gives my managers to live their dream.”

Miriam also pays homage to their customers, saying that the pair “couldn’t have done this without all the people who buy from us and sell to us. They’re amazing.”

Miriam says that they may not know exactly how they’ll grow next, but one thing they do know is “that we’ll continue providing the same level of service to our customers as we expand.”

“I just love what Kid to Kid allows us to do each day,” Todd says. “We provide a refreshing difference from the usual thrift/cosign or resale experience. I’m able to help parents equip their kids for less money, and pay money directly to parents for their outgrown items. Kid to Kid makes a meaningful difference to our customers as they participate in helping us give back on a daily basis. Every parent, whether they’re rich or struggling, can be a part of Kid to Kid.”

Kid to Kid stores in Rockville, Maryland and Summerlin, Nevada were runners up for the Kid to Kid Store of the Year Award for 2015.