About Uptown Cheapskate

About Uptown Cheapskate

A Thriving Business Model for Your Independence and Stability

Are you interested in owning your own business, reaching your
full potential or being the boss you always wanted?About Uptown Cheapskate

Franchising can provide the perfect opportunity for you to achieve your goals in a way that works for you. At Uptown Cheapskate, we combine a smart concept, a loyal customer base, and a second-to-none development team in a franchise arrangement that provides a win-win opportunity for shoppers, sellers, and business owners. Maybe it’s time to find out if the next Uptown Cheapskate business that opens should be yours.

Uptown Cheapskate, a Unique Franchise Opportunity

Uptown Cheapskate has been part of the Basecamp Franchising family since 2009. In the brief time we have been franchising, we have expanded to over 70 locations in 21 states around the United States. If you're looking for an opportunity that allows you to build a legacy from your hard-working, passionate, energetic, and entrepreneurial-minded spirit, Uptown Cheapskate wants to help. As a resale store franchise owner with Uptown Cheapskate, you can expect continuous support, guidance, and consultation services as you follow our proven business model to success.

Our Franchisees Love Us!

Meet Uptown Cheapskate Owners Justin & Natalie Crump
who own two stores in Murray and American Fork UT

Brands Customers Love - At 90% Off

At Uptown Cheapskate, we’re passionate about providing our customers with an upscale alternative to traditional resale, consignment, and thrift stores. Our vision for a different kind of resale shopping experience sets you apart. You will be proud toown a beautifully designed store, resembling private retail boutiques. One question our franchise store owners hear frequently from customers who mistake us for a typical retail boutique is: “Do you have this in my size?” For us, this is a question we love to hear! It tells us we are achieving our goal of maintaining quality products, a well-curated inventory, and beautiful, chic locations that exceed shoppers’ expectations.

Uptown Cheapskate offers the best branding, technology, and support in the industry. Let’s dive deeper into how each of these benefits you:

  • Branding: Starting a new business from the ground up is a challenge in more ways than one. Among other challenges, you have to build a brand that resonates, is recognized, and builds trust. As an Uptown Cheapskate franchisee, you have immediate brand name recognition. You will have direct access to our in-house team of marketing experts and benefit from a whole host of branding materials and tools available to market and grow your business. We help you utilize branding in a way that builds customer relationships and translates into experiences that people trust and appreciate.
  • Technology: Younger in spirit than our competitors, the leadership team at Uptown Cheapskate was quick to recognize how technology and innovation could provide a life of freedom, flexibility, and fun for our franchisees. You will receive our proprietary technology to help maximize efficiency, evaluate and price inventory items, ultimately saving you time and money. This also ensures sellers get the most up to date market value for their items and want to return time and time again.
  • Support: Our franchise development team is unparalleled. In fact, we have the best owner to specialist ratio, superior to any other resale franchise in the industry. Your support begins the first moment you contact us, not just when the check clears. When you contact Uptown Cheapskate, we are committed to providing you with all the resources, information, and assistance needed to reach your goals, focus on running your new business and make your life easier.

Contact our team for more information how joining our franchise family can enable you to spend more time with your friends and family.

a new life of freedom,
fun & friends
awaits you

Uptown offers quality branding, exceptional support, and technology to run your business like a pro! Find out how running your own store can change your life for the better.

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Be Better Than Average Resale Stores

Our owners have a business that give feels more like a boutique than a resale store. Becoming a franchise owner at Uptown Cheapskate is an opportunity to follow a proven business model and gain access to a wide range of invaluable resources and support services while still maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle that comes with building your own a small business. It’s the best of both worlds.

Why Resale Retail?

Our unique business presents a win-win opportunity
for shoppers, sellers, and business owners!

Sweater Retail Price $129.00 Uptown Price $56.00
Shirt Retail Price $79.00 Uptown Price $15.00
Designer Dress Retail Price $240.00 Uptown Price $90.00

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Here's What Our Owners Have To Say

“There is never a day that is the same for better or for worse. You never know what’s coming in the door product-wise. Owning your own store and giving back is really special I think.”
Justin Crump, Uptown Cheapskate Franchisee
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