Resale Apparel Industry

Resale Apparel Industry

More Women Want Resale Apparel Than Ever Before

Millennials are always looking for new ways to save money, especially on their clothing. Uptown Cheapskate is a resale apparel franchise that capitalizes on the growing resale market, helps Millennials save big on apparel, boosts local economies, and acts self-sustaining through our franchise model.

While retail locations struggle to turn a profit, Uptown Cheapskate is part of a resale apparel industry on the rise. The franchise model is simple: Uptown Cheapskate buys gently-used, fashionable clothing items from customers in exchange for cash or store credit. Those items are then merchandised and resold to customers searching for great fashions at a massive discount.

Quick data points about the apparel resale:

  • Resale apparel is now an $18 billion industry.
  • The industry is expected to double in the next three years.
  • Nearly 50% of the resale market is apparel-based.
  • 33% of women like to shop second-hand.

We already know that Millennial women are saving money without sacrificing style; perhaps not surprisingly, women in their golden years are just as thrifty. The real surprise is that about 45% of resale shoppers have an annual net worth of $250,000 or more! Everyone is jumping on the resale apparel trend, which is why the industry has grown 35% in the same time retail apparel has grown just 2%.

Sustainability is a Major Player in the Industry

Why is it that resale apparel franchisees are capable of continuous growth and turning big profits while retail apparel stores struggle? The key to success is sustainability built into the Uptown Cheapskate business model. We take second-hand clothing that otherwise would go to waste, make certain it’s top-quality and fit-to-sell, and offer it to locals at a fraction of retail costs. Each time one of our franchise owners makes a sale, they not only get money in their pocket — at an average of 63-65% margin (based on 2017 data) — but they also boost their reputation among locals.

By being sustainable in our business and inventory model, Uptown Cheapskate:

  • Carries a constantly updating inventory of various styles and brands.
  • Passes savings to our customers, which brings them back through our doors.
  • Boosts local economies by buying locally and selling locally.
  • Saves the environment by reducing apparel waste and consumption.

Sustainability does not just mean we are using an apparel resale model with an easily replenished inventory. It also means we are capable of standing among retail giants while also seeing growth year over year. We buy and sell major brands like H&M, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters, but do it in a way that retail cannot manage. Our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit keep us ahead of the curve.

Are you interested in becoming part of the Uptown Cheapskate family? We are always looking for new franchise owners who embrace our principles of sustainability, local enhancement, and, of course, providing women with intriguing, customizable style without breaking the bank. Learn how you can become an owner today.

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Our owners have a business that give feels more like a boutique than a resale store. Becoming a franchise owner at Uptown Cheapskate is an opportunity to follow a proven business model and gain access to a wide range of invaluable resources and support services while still maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle that comes with building your own a small business. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Our unique business presents a win-win opportunity
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Designer Dress Retail Price $240.00 Uptown Price $90.00

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“There is never a day that is the same for better or for worse. You never know what’s coming in the door product-wise. Owning your own store and giving back is really special I think.”
Justin Crump, Uptown Cheapskate Franchisee
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