Why Franchise?

Why Own an Uptown Cheapskate?

Expert Marketing. Trusted Brand. Proven Success.

As an entrepreneur and aspiring business owner, it’s time to discover how opening a resale store franchise could be the perfect next step toward your career and business goals.

Every year, the average American purchases approximately 68 items of clothing, but most of those items go unworn or are only lightly used. For many people, resale shops are the perfect solution: A meeting of valuable items and bargain prices. You can benefit from a brand clients trust for beautifully curated inventory and an upscale shopping experience that doesn’t compromise on the valuable money-saving nature of resale shopping.

Appeal to Millennials and Gen Z’ers budget friendly lifestyle

When you invest in an Uptown Cheapskate you are investing in a sustainable business model that has easily replenished inventory and stable year over year growth opportunities. The resale apparel industry also has the ability to compete amongst retail giants while boosting local economies. Learn more about the resale apparel industry.

It's more important to us that you develop the right partnership to achieve your goals. The team at Uptown Cheapskate is dedicated to providing our franchise owners with all of the support and supplies they need to operate their businesses successfully. Resources, collaboration, teamwork, family values—these are just a few examples of what we’re all about at Uptown Cheapskate.

More on how Uptown Cheapskate helps you stand out in your community?

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We’re excited to welcome like-minded individuals into our franchise family—entrepreneurial spirits who share our vision and our values. With territories available in all 50 states—including numerous prime locations—there’s never been a better time to join our franchise team. If you have any questions, we encourage you to get in touch with our franchise development team.

Call Uptown Cheapskate today at (855) 364-6028 for additional information or Contact Us for more information.

a new life of freedom,
fun & friends
awaits you

Uptown offers quality branding, exceptional support, and technology to run your business like a pro! Find out how running your own store can change your life for the better.

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Be Better Than Average Resale Stores

Our owners have a business that give feels more like a boutique than a resale store. Becoming a franchise owner at Uptown Cheapskate is an opportunity to follow a proven business model and gain access to a wide range of invaluable resources and support services while still maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle that comes with building your own a small business. It’s the best of both worlds.

Why Resale Retail?

Our unique business presents a win-win opportunity
for shoppers, sellers, and business owners!

Sweater Retail Price $129.00 Uptown Price $56.00
Shirt Retail Price $79.00 Uptown Price $15.00
Designer Dress Retail Price $240.00 Uptown Price $90.00

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Here's What Our Owners Have To Say

“There is never a day that is the same for better or for worse. You never know what’s coming in the door product-wise. Owning your own store and giving back is really special I think.”
Justin Crump, Uptown Cheapskate Franchisee
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